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HPTech was established in 2003 with an objective to grow and become part of the economic engine of the nation.  HPTech is an infrastructure-centered firm with the primary purpose of serving the U.S. federal government at their facilities and project sites, with commitment, dedication, honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of budget consciousness and timeliness.  Our uniqueness lies in our ability to integrate physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, planning, and policy when developing and delivering infrastructure solutions.  HPTech today is aligned with the current needs of the federal government and will adapt to their evolving needs in the future.

Innovation Is In Our DNA

A Cycle of Practice-Research-Policy

Our vision is to be a trusted partner of the federal government in pursuing the economic growth of our nation by providing innovative, safe, cost effective and timely solutions to challenging and complex problems.



We evaluate, assess, and monitor the condition and health of existing and new infrastructure, including bridges, highways, airfields, marine structures, buildings, water/waste water treatment plants, power plants, pipelines, and other facilities, using innovative technologies that are rapid, reliable, and informative.  Forensic investigations are part of our practice.  We strive to use technologies that are least disruptive to facility operations and are least inconvenient to public.  Based on our evaluation, assessment and monitoring, we also make recommendations for repair and rehabilitation.


Based on currently what we do and what we know, we perform and support research that is aimed at future for a safer, longer-lasting, and more economical infrastructure.  Our focus areas include research on new generation and high-performance construction materials, innovative testing and monitoring techniques, and improved design and construction practices.  We cover research areas such as wireless instrumentation, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, and connected vehicles and highways.  With our research endeavor, we strive to improve the current code of practice as it relates to materials, design, and construction.


Our practice and research culminate and converge into the development of public policies at all levels of the government, including, federal, state, and local.  With our network of researchers, scientists, engineers, planners, economists, statisticians, and policy analysts, we strive to partner with the government in the development of policies that not only serve the economic growth of the nation today, but also ensure a prosperous tomorrow.  Our current policy focus areas include transportation, education, workforce development,  and science & technology, in the context of infrastructure.

Technology Transfer

We participate in the evaluation of technologies during the entire innovation cycle, starting from technology trigger to the buildup and burst of technology bubble and then to the reemergence and maturity of technology.  During the prototype development stage, we perform validation studies to determine whether a technology is implementable and practice ready.  During the implementation phase, our technology transfer efforts include market analysis, hands-on training, short courses, workshops, conference and symposia exhibits, presentations, and public outreach.       

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