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Our practice and research culminate and converge into the development of public policies at all levels of the government, including, federal, state, and local.  With our network of researchers, scientists, engineers, planners, economists, statisticians, and policy analysts, we strive to partner with the government in the development of policies that not only serve the economic growth of the nation today, but also ensure a prosperous tomorrow.  Our current policy focus areas include transportation, education, workforce development,  and science & technology, in the context of infrastructure.

Recent Policy Studies

Recently, we performed a policy study titled "Public-Private Partnership Policy, Practice and Popularity," which was published in March-April 2019 issue of TR News.  From 1985 through October 2009, transportation public-private partnership (P3) projects in the amount of $996 billion were planned and funded worldwide, of which the share of the United States was 12%.  The acceptance and popularity of P3 in Europe is much more than that in other regions of the world.


This study traces the evolution of P3 and identifies legislative, funding, financing, legal, and technological elements​ that contribute to the success of P3 projects.

On-Going Policy Studies

We have several policy studies that are in different stages of planning and execution.  These include the following:


  • Workforce Development Challenges in Transportation

  • Impact of Regulations and Deregulations on Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure and the Environment: Finding the Right Balance

  • Policies and Regulations Antecedent to Connected and Automated Vehicles and Highways

  • Managing Nation's Water Infrastructure Assets  

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