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We evaluate, assess, and monitor the condition and health of existing and new infrastructure, including bridges, highways, airfields, marine structures, buildings, water/waste water treatment plants, power plants, pipelines, and other facilities, using innovative technologies that are rapid, reliable, and informative.  Forensic investigations are part of our practice.  We strive to use technologies that are least disruptive to facility operations and are least inconvenient to public.  Based on our evaluation, assessment and monitoring, we also make recommendations for repair and rehabilitation.

Our practice includes the following services:

  • Construction QA/QC

  • Environmental Site Assessment

  • Subsurface Investigation

  • Structural Condition Evaluation

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation

  • Petrographic Analysis

  • Forensic Investigation

Testing and Evaluation Services

We provide a variety of testing and evaluation services, which include the following:

  • Concrete mixture proportioning and trial batches

  • Pre-placement observations (base preparation, formwork, joints, embedded items, reinforcing steel, cleanliness of placement equipment, weather conditions, consolidation)

  • Material property testing (slump, air content, temperature, unit weight, yield, compressive strength, rapid chloride permeability)

  • Post-placement observations (finishing, curing, form removal)

  • Crack, void and defect detection and measurement

  • Delamination surveys

  • Concrete cover measurements

  • Half-cell potential measurements

  • Rate of corrosion measurements

  • Carbonation depth measurements

  • Chemical analyses (chloride, sulfate, pH)

  • In-place strength measurements

  • Overlay bond testing

  • Weld inspection

  • Petrographic analysis

Testing and Evaluation Techniques

In the performance of our testing and evaluation services, we use a variety of technologies and techniques, which include the following:

  • Acoustic emission

  • Crack gages

  • Dye penetrant 

  • Eddy current

  • Electrical resistivity

  • Galvanostatic pulse 

  • Ground penetrating radar

  • Half-cell cell potential

  • Hammer sounding and chain drag

  • Infrared thermography

  • Impact echo

  • Linear polarization resistance

  • Magnetic cover meter

  • Magnetic flux leakage

  • Magnetic particle

  • Maturity meter

  • Ultrasonic 

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