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HPTC 2020      Due to COVID-19, this event is postponed

Papers and Presentations

Call for Papers

Papers are invited for presentation at the conference and publication in a peer-reviewed conference proceedings. The topics covered in this conference include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Initiatives and focus on 3-D printing

  • Government and private sector programs

  • Concept and mechanism of 3-D printing

  • Evolution of 3-D printing

  • Automation and robotics

  • Data and modeling in 3-D printing

  • Developments on materials as the ink for 3-D printing

  • Development of large-scale 3-D printers

  • Design and construction codes of practice

  • Social impacts of 3-D printing (economics, safety, security, legal)

  • Sustainability implications of 3-D printing

  • Consumption and movement of ingredient materials versus finished products

  • Impact of 3-D Printing on freight

  • Policies, regulations and de-regulations

  • Case studies of 3-D printing

  • Education and workforce development

  • Path forward for 3-D printing

Paper submission site will open early 2020.

Presentation of Papers

The papers submitted for presentation at the conference will be peer-reviewed and those accepted will be included in a conference proceedings.

Journal Publication of Papers

Updated and expanded  versions of the best conference papers focused on innovative technology solutions specifically for the construction industry may be recommended for review and consideration for publication by Automation in Construction, an international research journal published by Elsevier.  For information about the journal visit

HPTC 2020 September 23-24, 2020, Dulles, Virginia

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