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Message from the leadership

Welcome to HPTech website!

Our company is founded on the premise of partnership and mutual needs, whether you are a client or a member of our project team.  This applies to any organization of any type and any size, including public agencies, academic/research institutions, non-profit organizations, and private companies, large or small.  When you reach out to us for a solution, our response to you will be timely, simplified, and cost-effective.  We believe in a mutually beneficial long-term relationship, built on trust, which we establish by consistently delivering a superior quality of service.

Our core business is centered around infrastructure, whether it’s transportation infrastructure, water infrastructure or energy infrastructure, including highways, bridges, dams, locks, levees, ports, power plants, and pipelines.  Our cycle of practice-research-policy covers quality control-quality assurance of new infrastructure, investigation and evaluation of existing infrastructure, research on new generation construction materials, innovative testing and evaluation techniques, improved design and construction practices, and development of public policies that lay the foundation for a safer, more economical, and longer-lasting infrastructure.

In this new era of public-private partnership (P3), the need for multi- and cross-disciplinary teams is more than ever.  We take provide in bringing all the stakeholders to the table who can work towards achieving a common goal in delivering integrated solutions to complex problems.  We have analyzed the legislative, funding, financing, legal, and technological elements that contribute to the success of P3 projects.  Also, we have come to realization that in order for P3 to succeed, it needs to be in alliance with another P3 – people, planet and profit, which collectively define sustainability.

We look forward to communicating with you and partnering with you in our future endeavors.

Best Regards.

Dr. M.S. Khan, P.E.

Executive Vice President

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